May 30, 2024

Leader and Founder of the Glory Baptist God’s Ministry in the Techiman South Municipal of the Bono East Regional, Prophet Owusu Bempa, popularly known as Odifour Cudjoe, has been  awarded a Doctorate degree in the ministry of God.

The ordination of Owusu Bempa to the status of a Bishop in God’s ministry is to empower him to receive the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders and become successors of the Apostles and to entrusted him with a position of authority and oversight in a religious institution as he seeks to spread the Gospel to all corners of the world.

The ceremony took place last Sunday, 10th March 2024, at the Glory Baptist God’s Ministry, where Prophet Owusu Bempa was recognized for his dedication, commitment, and service to the ministry.

Receiving a Doctorate degree in the ministry of God symbolizes Odifour Cudjoe’s spiritual growth, knowledge, and leadership within the religious community.

The Bishop of the Free Methodist Church Ghana Mission, Dr. Bishop Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie, who ordained Dr. Bishop Daniel Owusu Bempa as a Bishop of the Lord, applauded Daniel Owusu Bempa for his good works done as a Minister of God.

He revealed that, Dr. Bishop Owusu Bempa, has trained a lot of people who have the calling to serve God. He said with the tutelage from Dr. Bempa, and the device grae of God, the newly ordained men and women of God will be successful in the ministry. ”

“This proves that whatever we do in God is rewarded, with God’s own time, we have uplifted our own brother, Owusu Bempa to the status of a Doctor and Bishop in the God’s Ministry, and that testifies his good deeds in Techiman of which I believe we can all bear witness to.”

“He has also trained some pastors of which five of them have been ordained as Ministers of the God, God has called many to his ministry and with prayers and determination, he will gave many the mandate to do his work, win souls for His Kingdom and by so doing, makes the world a better place and Dr. Bishop Owusu Bempa has unveiled himself to be used by God to train His ministers.” He said

On his part, Odifour Cudjoe, explained that, the honor bestowed upon him reflects his contributions to spreading the teachings of the Gospel, providing spiritual guidance, and nurturing the faith of believers in his congregation and beyond.

“I am very grateful to all those that came and supported me and I know they came to support me because they believe I’m on the right path, if you a pastor or leader, you should always fight to achieve more in a positive way.”

“I didn’t let the little fame and trust  people have in me stopped me from learning and growing in the ministry as Paul said, I have fight the good fight and run the race but he wasn’t okay with that because he knew that there is a victory crown ahead of him and so he fought for that so until we all reach the end of the race and get that victory crown, we shouldn’t relax in our service to God and mankind.” Bempa revealed.

“One thing I have realized about God’s Ministry is that we don’t depend on human but on God, there are a lot of challenges in the Ministry, we are meant to carry our cross and follow Christ and that means we will go through a lot of trials and tribulations as Christ went through.”

“Jesus Christ didn’t commit any offense but he was arraigned before Pilate so as Ministers of God, we will also be arraigned before Pilate. Some pastors that we have trained may even rise against us but we take comfort from the fact that they will also propagate the Gospel of our Lord.”

“We don’t expect any reward from man because our reward is from God, the scriptures have make it clear that temptations will befall us but since we have Jesus Christ as our pillar, we will overcome all those temptations that is my motivation in the Ministry.” Dr. Bempa said

By earning this prestigious academic recognition, Dr. Bishop Owusu Bempa can further inspire, educate, and empower others in their spiritual journeys, sharing the wisdom, compassion, and grace of God with those seeking guidance, support, and enlightenment.