May 20, 2024

Rather than exhibit intelligence and efficiency in the discharge of their duties,elements within this government believe they should resort to rabble-rousing to deflect attention from their shortcomings leading to yesterday’s rail accident.

Who in his right senses fails to carry out safety checks before and during the maiden test of a new train?

Elsewhere,everyone involved in the test will either be fired or resign for such a failure.

The claim that anyone in the NDC is interested in hindering the success of the Tema to Mpakadsn project is pure nonsense born out of partisan immaturity.

Also,the wholesale fawning and drooling of NPP types over a single-unit train is amusing and evinces shallowness.

To begin with,that whole project is only taking place because the NDC government under John Mahama,found $ 398 million for its execution. How would we want a project to fail if we found money for it in the first place?

Akufo-Addo and Bawumia’s priority as they themselves have said,is a $450 million Cathedral,not far -reaching investments like the Tema to Mpakadan rail.project.

It is also not the first time we have seen a train in Ghana.Trains had been operating in Ghana for decades prior to the near collapse of that sector.

In November 2016,two.multi-carriage trains were commissioned by President Mahama to ply the Takoradi-Sekondi-Kojokrom rail line which had been built by the same government.

What then is this irrascible and almost childish excitement over a two-carriage train involved in a minor accident?

That nonsense of a narrative must give way to the taking of responsibility by a bunch of jumpy and incompetent government officials backed by party lickspittles.

Former Deputy Information Minister under the N.D.C in the John Dramani Mahama Administration, Felix Kwakye Ofosu wrote on X.


Below are some social media comments


“It’s rather sad that you come up with such a post. Someone has carelessly and diabolically parked a truck in the middle of the railway. Instead of condemning such a demonic act for the sake of Ghana, we have turned this into partisan politics. Are we really mature?”

“Which project in this government wasn’t initiated by JDM, shame on you guys”

“The government’s quick blame game is a deliberate ploy to shift attention from their negligence. This staged incident is a smear tactic to deceive the people. Government’s reckless testing of the train without inspection reeks of manipulation. Why skip inspection?”

“Who in his right senses will believe this your rubbish? Who in his right senses will even pack such a car across a railway? Govt may change hands, but u see this sabotage u are defending today, is likely to repeat itself in a different form. Don’t take Ghanaians 4 granted o. Yoo”

“You go explain TAYA,evil hearted principalities. Posterity will catch up on you. You are now running away from your own shadows.”

“@FelixKwakyeOfo1, Good day Hon. Please I am by this means contacting you to verify the genuineness and authenticity of a person I am in contact with on Facebook who also bears your name. Pls kindly verify if it’s you in our Facebook conversation. I don’t means to mistrust you.”