May 30, 2024
Ghanaian media personality, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa widely known as Afia Schwarzenegger has warned government officials and other prominent people who use their public offices to intimidate young girls with the aim of giving them jobs to desist from it.

She said some prominent people suffer from deadly diseases and other problems before they die because of the pains they subject young girls to.

According to her, not every sin can be forgiven by God so they should be very careful and avoid taking young children for granted.

“If you are taking advantage of young girls, you don’t know their future. I am saying this to you: if you are using a public office to intinidate any young girl, it is not every sin that God can forgive you.” Afia Schwarzenegger said this during a TikTok live.

She also advised young ladies to either bite their private parts or steal their wallets or phones whenever a public figure wants to take advantage of them to sleep with them.

Adding that the practice of men taking advantage of young vulnerable girls is getting worse.

“I have already told you if they try to harass you, bite them, steal their phones, steal their wallets, steal their watches, they can’t do anything against you because what they are doing is a crime” The outspoken socialite advised.

Recounting her past experience, Afia lamented how a High Court judge took advantage of her situation and slept with her because of job.

She revealed that after completion of  SHS and was in search of a job, she met a High Court judge who promised to give her a job and took advantage of her situation and slept with her three times.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger , the sudden part of her story was after the late High Court Judge took advantage of her, his attitude toward her changed and he even stopped picking up her calls.

“In the end, he died a painful and stupid death. His testicles became very big. I remember an instance when he came to see me with his swollen testicles pleading for forgiveness. He told me he had offended a lot of young girls including me, and that is gradually killing him.” Afia revealed.

“I never thought a man’s testicles could grow that big. Two weeks later, he died. I was traumatized, the only consolation I had was that he died a painful death,” she said.