May 30, 2024

The Bono East Regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has organized a workshop for agro-chemical dealers and farmers on pesticides management.

The initiative, led by Mr. Anthony Duah, the Bono East Regional Director of EPA, aims to educate dealers on best practices, safety guidelines, and regulatory compliance to safeguard human life and the environment as it demonstrates a proactive approach to environmental conservation, public health protection, and sustainable agriculture practices.

Mr. Duah, during the workshop encouraged agro-chemical dealers to acquire licenses from the Environmental Protection Agency or Ministry of Food and Agriculture before plying their trade.

He said “obtaining a license from the EPA or MoFA is essential for businesses dealing with agro-chemicals, pesticides, and other hazardous substances to operate legally, responsibly, and in compliance with environmental and agricultural regulations.”

“Licensing ensures that businesses meet certain standards, adhere to safety guidelines, and protect human health and the environment.”

” We organized this program for agro input dealers in the Bono East region, we had about 60 participants and took them through pesticide retail shop management and the pesticide law.”

He continued, “We wanted them to know what the law says about pesticides because we have realized that most agro input dealers have no idea about the law governing their trade but through this workshop, we have educated them on the legal process of acquiring a license to operate as an agro-chemical input dealer.”

He revealed that his outfit will embark on an exercise to close down shops that do not have the required licenses and serves as a deterrent against non-compliance, illegal operations, and environmental violations.

“We will go rounds and make sure we implement what we have taught them at the workshop, however, if we come to your shop and realize you don’t have EPA permit, we’ll lock down the shop and allow the law to deal with you.”

“We are doing all this to protect farmers and also the environment so we will urge input dealers to abide by these directives.” Mr. Duah explained