May 30, 2024

The Techiman Builsa Youth Association, have celebrated their 5th-anniversary to raise awareness about their cultural heritage.

They also used the celebrations to  discourage their youth not to involve themselves in any violence-related issues during, before, and after the the 2024 general elections.

The Builsa people are from the Upper East region Navarogo and its environs.

Life patron for the Techiman Builsa Youth Association, Mr. Williams Akachie, stated that the association is formed to educating youth about their cultural traditions, practices, and history and over the years has helped to instill a sense of pride, identity, and belonging in their youth.

According to him, “sensitizing youth about the importance of peaceful coexistence, non-violence, and responsible citizenship is crucial for nurturing a culture of tolerance, dialogue, and civic engagement in society.”

“By encouraging youth to actively participate in civic activities, community development projects, and democratic processes, the association promotes active citizenship, social cohesion, and ethical leadership.” He said

He continued, “the Builsa Youth Association, is for all Builsa’s living in Techiman, once we have come here, we decided to come together and bring development to Techiman and also back at home.”

“When we come together, we know that our culture and traditions will not be forgotten because we don’t want to throw our native language away, we must still learn to speak the same language to help our young ones in Techiman to learn our culture and traditions, we should not forget about the food that we eat, we should not come here and think that because we are away we will not speak the language again, we should not just copy other people’s culture blindly”

Mr Williams urge the Builsa people to desist from election violence related issues, he advised them to go out in their numbers to cast their votes after which they should return to their various homes while awaiting the declaration of the results on the various media platforms.

Assemblymember for Konimse electoral area, Hon. Baba Ganiu, urged the people of Builsa in Techiman to be supportive to each other and also remember that they travelled from somewhere to settle here.

He pleaded with parents to desist from allowing their children who are below 18 years to register their names in the voter register.

“The should help themselves to help develop their members in Techiman because that is the only way they can sustain and grow the association”

“We are in election year, I will urge parents to advise their children to be very mindful of their behavior and activities during these times.”

“Nobody is saying they shouldn’t get involve in the election process but if you know you are not 18 years or above kindly stay away from the elections and be very careful not to sell your conscious to any politician.” He explained