May 20, 2024


Bishop Dr. Owusu Bempah, founder, and leader of Glory Prayer Minister, has dusclosed that, the foundation of Christianity lies in Easter.

According to the Bishop, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ represent the core tenets of the Christian faith, providing believers with salvation, redemption, and eternal life.

Bishop Dr. Owusu Bempah said Christ’s sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection are the central events that define the identity, mission, and message of Christianity.

“The foundation of Christianity is Easter because the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gave us salvation so the foundation of a Christian who does not believe in Easter is not base on Christ Jesus.” He said.

Odifour Cudjoe, has he is affectionately called, urged Christians to enumerate the life of Christ by prioritizing the need of others as they prioritize theirs.

” Jesus paid for our sins with his blood and that should remind us on the need for us as Christians to sacrifice for the success of others.

” If Jesus paid for our sins with his death, then we Christians must body, mind, money and knowledge to help each other, the Bible says we should love others as we love ourselves. So loving and helping your neighbor is symbolic to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” The man of God said.

He invites Christians to reflect on the transformative power, grace, and hope that flow from the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Dr. Owusu Bempah, made this assertion during the climax of this year’s Easter convention at the auditorium of the Glory Prayer Ministry at Tanoso in the Techiman South Municipality of the Bono East region.

During the service, Odifour Cudjoe awarded some pastors and congregants for their immense contribution towards the work of God.

Explaining his motive for awarding them, he said “the Ministry belongs to God but God used human beings to do his work, the reason I awarded them is due to their love and dedication to the work of God, through them, the will and plans of God have manifested so on behalf of the Church and our Lord Jesus Christ, I awarded them for them to know that, we have recognize their good deeds and also serve as a motivation for others.”