May 20, 2024

Nana Ankama Frimpong, on behalf of the Paramount Chief of the Techiman Area, Oseadeyo Nana Ameyaw Akumfi IV, has issued a caution to the public regarding their choice of words before, during, and after the general elections.

The paramount concern is to uphold peace and stability in the country, emphasizing the importance of responsible communication, mutual respect, and constructive dialogue among citizens, political actors, and stakeholders.

Nana Ankama Frimpong, said the Paramount Chief of Techiman wishes to remind his people on the need for civility, tolerance, and unity as essential values and principles that underpin democratic governance, social cohesion, and national harmony.

“We all know that we have 8 months to go to the polls, Nana said I should remind you of what happened in Rwanda due to what one person said, it’s good to miss your step and fall than to say bad things because if you fall, you will rise again but a slip on tongue can jeopardize the peace and stability of the country.

“so we should be mindful of our speech during, before, and after the elections, Ghana is a peaceful country, let’s uphold that peace. Nana wishes you all the best in this festivities.” Nana Ankama Frimpong said

He said this during the climax of this year’s Easter convention by the Church of Pentecost at the Methodist School Park in the Techiman South Municipality of the Bono East Region.

As a representative of the paramount chief and a voice of authority in Techiman during the event, Nana Ankama Frimpong’s message to the public to be cautious about their choice of words before, during, and after the general elections aligns with his duty to protect, preserve, and promote the interests, values, and traditions of the community, the region, and the country at large.

By emphasizing the importance of ethical communication, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence, he seeks to guide, inspire, and educate citizens on the significance of their words, actions, and as agents of change, justice, and reconciliation in a society marked