May 20, 2024

The Senior brother of the Paramount Chief of Techiman and Chief of Staff of the Techiman Traditional Council, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, has revealed that Chieftaincy is an integral part of Christianity.

Nana comment comes at the back of the notion that aiming to debunk the notion that chieftain associated with idol worship hence pastors can’t be chief and chiefs should not involve in anything related to Christianity.

In a recent address, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw emphasized the historical, cultural, and religious significance of Chieftaincy in Ghanaian society, highlighting its role as a pillar of traditional governance, community leadership, and spiritual heritage.

According to him, Africa and for that Ghanaians are loosing their identity and morals to that misconception and is of the belief that chiefs are the custodians of culture and morals and therefore has significant role to play in Christianity since it is expected of Christians to live a morally upright life.

“Most of the sins we are witnessing today is due to the fact most people earlier didn’t want to involve chieftaincy to Christianity.”

“Early Christians used Christianity to condemn Chieftaincy but our chiefs have been our culture and norms to rule our lands long before the whites came to Ghana and things were going on smoothly so if we say anything bad against Chieftaincy, we talk about the land and that is why sin have become common.” Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw explained.

He made emphasis of the fact that a whole book is dedicated to kings in the Holy Bible (the Book of Kings) and also stated that, the likes of David and Solomon were Kings but played significant role in Christianity.

“Chieftaincy is very significant to christianity even in the Bible, there are a lot of great Kings like David and Solomon and through them, the glory of God was revealed, there is even the Book of Kings in the Bible which clearly testify that chieftaincy is part of chriatianity.” He stated

He therefore urged all and sundry to treat the notion that Chieftaincy is idol worship as a misconception.