May 20, 2024

The Chief of Staff  for the Techiman Traditional Council, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, has advised Ghanaians especially the youth to refrain from engaging in any form of election-related violence to preserve the peace of the country.

Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, stated that, the outcome of the results does not guarantee anybody to engage in any unacceptable behavior since life will still goes on after the December polls.

“The youth really need advice and it’s the responsibility of all parents and elders of our communities to advise the youth concerning election related violence, the youth should understand that if their political party fails to win election that does not mean the world is coming to an end so they should respect the outcome of the elections and avoid any violence.” He stated

By urging the youth to avoid election-related violence, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw seeks to encourage responsible citizenship, civic engagement, and active participation in the electoral process.

“As Ghana prepares for upcoming elections, it is essential for leaders, stakeholders, and citizens, especially the youth, to prioritize dialogue, respect for diversity, and adherence to the rule of law to ensure a peaceful, fair, and transparent electoral process.” He stated

In advocating for peaceful elections, the Chief of Staff for the Techiman Traditional Council, reinforces the importance of upholding democratic values, protecting human rights, and fostering a culture of political tolerance, accountability, and inclusivity.

“I always say that if someone wins elections, that person’s bank account does not belongs to your family, that person alone decides how to spend his money so I don’t see any reason for the youth or someone to fight because of election”. He said

He further urged the youth not to be fall for the tricks of some politicians to engage in any violence since the family of such politicians may not suffer in such violence.

“The person that will encourage you to fight has the resources to fly his family out of the country should anything bad happen so don’t fall for their tricks and stay safe during, before, and after the elections.”