July 24, 2024

The Bono East Regional Minister, Hon. Kwasi Adu Gyan, said the Bono East region is rich in resources and talent, and in dire need of government support to unlock its full development potential.

Speaking at an open forum at the Palace of Techiman Hansua Hene as part of Parliaments 30th anniversary ceremony, Hon Adu-Gyan highlighted the vast opportunities available in the region, stating that with the right support and investment, the Bono East could become a thriving hub of economic activity and growth.

According to him, the Bono East region has a lot of untapped natural resources which includes gold and believes that with the proper investment, the region will be able to develop at a very rapid pace.

“Bono East Region is a newly created region endowed with a lot of resources, and it is because of the abandoned of resources in our region and luck of development that Nananom got together to fight to give us this region.

“We have the Tano basin which is endowed with a lot of minerals including gold, ranging from Kintampo down to Techiman, Mim, Goaso, Hwidiem up to Western Region, ours is untapped. We have the Voltaian Basin in the Sene East, Sene West area which is also untapped.” He said.

He further explained that, the Bono East region can boost of vast arable lands that is suitable for the cultivation of any commodity in the Ghana. He therefore calls on government to as a matter of urgency support to region to unlock its full developmental potentials.

“When you come to the other landmarks, Bono East is endowed with almost everything, there is nothing that you will need to grow in the country that you will not land to cultivate it in the Bono East region.

“Ranging from tree crops, cocoa, coconut, cashew, mangoes, getting to the northern part we have rice, we have millet, we have maize, we have almost everything, potatoes, we have almost every product so far as the region is concerned.

“We have all the resources and talents that need to be unearthed and developed, with the right support and investment from the government, we can unlock the full potential of this region and create a prosperous future for its people.” He told the gathering

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com