July 13, 2024

Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim, Member of Parliament for Banda Constituency and Deputy Minority Chief Whip, has urged Ghanaians to exercise patience and trust in the country’s parliamentary system.

According to him, Ghana’s parliamentary system has come a long way as it has faced numerous challenges and obstacles, but it has always persevered hence the need for Ghanaians especially the youth to have faith in its ability to continue serving the country and its people.

Many citizens have expressed frustration with the slow pace of progress and the perceived inefficiencies of the parliamentary system with some expressing skepticism about the ability of the parliamentary system to deliver meaningful change.

However, Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim, said the country’s parliamentary democracy has achieved a lot of successes which in turn as seen the development of the country. He believe most Ghanaians are overlooking the democratic values of the country’s legislature and therefore prays for patience and trust in the system.

“They started it as a social work making sure that you bring your best person who will lead and advocate for the development of your area, so it was not a business but today, we seem to overlooking the social work aspect and because of that we are not appreciating the democratic values of our legislature but what they keep on saying is that they don’t see any meaningful work by Parliament, because you don’t know the past, what are you comparing Parliament with.

“When civil societies where in their bedrooms you could not talk, the social media was nonexistent, private newspapers could not come out, there was total dictatorship and there was a culture of silence everywhere, will you have been able to say this? you are hearing only one side of the coin and that is why you are saying this. He said

Hon. Ibrahim believes that Ghana’s parliamentary system is the best way to ensure a stable and prosperous future for the country. He explained that, “they started Parliament as a social welfare, they started with second hand vehicles, they started without offices, they started without anything but they said they could do it.

“Today, we have 16 regions, they started with 10, today, we 261 districts, they started with 110, today, we have 275 but they started with 200, so this is a call to the youth, to appreciate and have patience with the system, what happened in Kenya, could have happened here but for the intervention of the Rt. Hon. Speaker and the leadership of Parliament.

“So you may not appreciate it but all we are calling on you is to have patience for the system, we are ready both minority and majority, we are one in  making sure that we protect what was given to us by our forefathers, we can’t not afford to play with the peace that we are enjoying today.” He disclosed

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com