July 13, 2024

Former Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan has predicted that the Senior National Team of Ghana will win the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in five years time.

According to him, the Black Stars coach is now building the team that is why most of the players are below 25 years and they can mature by five years time.

Speaking in an interview on Pure FM monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com, Asamoah Gyan urged Ghanaians to limit their expectations and assume that the coach is working on a 5 years project and expect to win a trophy from that year.

“Whether we are going to the African Cup of Nations or any tournament, we should keep in kind that we are building the team not to win. Our expectation should be limited but if we go and we win it is a bonus, Like Angola time, we went there with under 20 players so we were surprised when we reached the final in the competition. I think the performance is very important, now the coach is building the team, let’s take it like a five years project that by five years we have to win the Africa Cup.” He said.

“Let’s forget about the present results and let’s build the team, you will see by five years time we will win” Baby Jet predicted.

The legend maintained that high expectations from Ghanaians put pressure on the new players which eventually affected their performance.

“This is a generational thing, we are now building the team so I think we should give them time. The expectation is too high, some people raise the expectation too high and it puts pressure on the new players so I think this time around, we sh0uld not expect more. Our expectation should be that we are building the team. Because the players are young, a few are above 25 years which is a good thing.” Asamoah Gyan added.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com