July 24, 2024

A USA-based businessman, Mr. James Baala, has called on Ghanaian electorates and the general public to respect the country’s security agents and electoral laws before, during, and after the 2024 December 7th polls to ensure free, fair, and violence-free elections.

Mr. Bala, known for his extensive business ventures in the country, stressed that the respect of security personnel and adherence to electoral laws are crucial for maintaining a stable and democratic society. He encouraged all Ghanaians to work together to create an environment where every citizen can exercise their right to vote without fear or intimidation.

According to him, the electoral system being operated by the Electoral Commission of Ghana is very transparent and as such, there shouldn’t be any incident of violence let alone the loss of lives as a result of an election in the country.

As a native of Techiman, Mr. James Baala, bemoaned the unfortunate incident that happened during the last election in Techiman and urged political leaders and their supporters to ensure such incident never occurs again.

“There shouldn’t be any violence let alone death during elections, I was really saddened when I heard the news last 4 years that some people lost their lives during the elections.

“I am very much convinced that the person that won the elections was not happy when the news broke out, so we should be very vigilant in everything we do, especially before, during, and after the upcoming polls.

“Our electoral system is very transparent to the extent that every political party or individual competing in the elections has a representative at every polling station so if there should be any misunderstanding, the agents are supposed to resolve such misunderstandings without the issue escalating for the people to run over the security.” He told Rev. Nana Amakye Sei of Classic FM.

Mr. James Baala further explained that “respecting our security agents and following electoral laws is not only a fundamental right but also a responsibility we all share, by doing so, we can ensure that our elections remain free, fair, and violence-free, allowing us to make informed decisions that benefit our great nation.

“One thing we should also understand is that, if the security apparatus are doing their work professionally, there shouldn’t be any kind of serious incident but the truth is, once you try to overrun the security, they will also react and it may end in situations we all don’t want.” He said

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com