May 30, 2024

The Bono East Regional Manager of Zoomlion Gh Ltd. Mr. George Manu, has pleaded with the Traditional Council and other relevant stakeholders to assist them in completing the construction of the compost plant which was started some years ago.

According to the Manager, there have been some technical hatches which has resulted in the halt of the project but believes that with the support of the Traditional Council and other stakeholders, they will be able to complete the project without much difficulties.

In an interview with Classic News monitored by, Mr. Manu said the project when completed will create a lot of employment opportunities in the region and also help curb the indiscriminative dumping of refuse in the region.

“I can’t talk much about the recycling plant because there is a court issue concerning that project but I want the public to know that Zoomlion has expended its focus and attention to cover more of waste treatment.”

“Waste treatment and the processing have given us an exposure to the Carbon Credit Marketing other regions have set up recycling plans. Techiman is in dire need of such facility than any region in the country but due to some reasons we are not able to set the compost plant in Techiman so we are using this opportunity to plead with Nananom and other relevant stakeholder to assist us to solve the issues concerning the establishment of the plant in Techiman.” He pleaded.

Mr. George added by pleading to their clients that it is not their intention to allow dust bins to be full without disposing of them but rather attributed that to the faulty nature of their tracks especially those that operate within the Techiman South Municipality.

He further revealed that his outfit is doing anything within their power to fix all faulty trucks in the Bono East region but also explained that some of the parts needed to fix the faulty trucks are not available, resulting in the delay in fixing the trucks for active work.

“We are currently facing some challenges and will plead with our customers to bear with us, for sometime now, some of our trucks have broken down and in Techiman, we have only one truck that is active and the reason for the delay in fixing the faulty trucks is that the spare parts needed to fix the trucks are peculiar to waste trust so it becomes difficult to get some of these spare parts to fix the trucks.”

“But in all, we have acquired some of the needed spare parts so very soon, we will soon fix all the faulty trucks. If our efforts will yield the needed the result then we will need the help of the citizenry, let’s stop the indiscriminative dumbing of refuse and by so doing, we can all contribute in keeping the city clean.” He advised

Mr. George Manu, ceased the occasion to assure the people of Bono East that the phase two of the evacuation exercise which was started last year will kick start next week and must take note as such.

“About the evacuation exercise we started last year, by the grace of God we will continue so as we speak, we have put things in place and by next week we will start with the evacuation again and the details about phase two of the evacuation will soon be communicated to the media and subsequently the general public.”

“This evacuation is being done nationwide so the details of the phase 2 will be communicated to us from National level and once that details come, each district will know the number of heaps they will evacuate”

According to him, he has been receiving countless calls from Hon. Oti Gyarko about the evacuation and promised that they will revisit sites under phase 1 that they couldn’t complete before the commencement of the phase 2.