July 24, 2024

Media Personality, Bridget Otoo has taken a swipe at the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) for cautioning the public against attacking military personnel instead of calling out the person who incited the illegal miners to do so.

Her comments follow a viral video New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate (PC) for Amenfi East Constituency in the Western Region, Ernest Frimpong inciting illegal miners to beat up a soldier who goes to their sites to force them to stop mining or seize their equipment.

The video triggered public reactions and a lot of comments but the GAF in a statement warned the public to desist from such acts.

Reacting to this, the vociferous presenter stated that the Ghana Armed Forces are spineless.

According to Bridget Otoo, the GAF should have called out the NPP MP who incited the illegal miners, not the public.

She said, the Ghana Armed Forces have lost their denture because it is an NPP PC who called for assault on soldiers but should have acted differently if the person is in a different political party.

“You are spineless! Call out the person and leave the public out! You’ve lost your denture because it is an NPP person who called for assault on soldiers! If it is Ashaiman, you would have been there with 5,000 brawn !!!” Bridget Otoo wrote on her X account.

Meanwhile, the NPP PC for Amenfi East Constituency in the Western Region, Ernest Frimpong was arrested and later released by the Tarkwa Police Command.




The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has taken note of viral videos on social media calling for attacks on soldiers
and other security personnel. We strongly, wish to caution the public against such utterances. It is instructive
to note that such calls are not only unlawful but also pose a significant threat to the security and stability of
our nation.

We therefore condemn any form of incitement or encouragement of violence against our soldiers.
We wish to assure all and sundry GAF will continue to perform its duties of safeguarding the security of the
state and protection of civilians. It is also crucial to understand that personnel of GAF and sister security
agencies are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, discipline, and respect for
human rights in the execution of their duties. In a situation where a soldier misconducts him/herself, the soldier
should be reported to the nearest police station or military barracks for the appropriate disciplinary action to
be taken.

It is important to note, soldiers like any individuals, have the right to self-defense when faced with imminent
threats or attacks that pose a danger to their lives or the lives of others. In situations where soldiers are
confronted with immediate threats or acts of violence, they are allowed to use necessary and proportionate
force to protect themselves and others. It must be noted that the outcome of such avoidable confrontations may
be unpleasant and dire.

It is against this premise that GAF wishes to remind and caution the public that assaulting or attacking soldiers
is a grave offense punishable by law. It implores all citizens to respect, cooperate and support our soldiers and
to refrain from engaging in acts of violence or incitement against them.

Once again, GAF wishes to reiterate its commitment to upholding the values of professionalism, integrity and
service to the nation. We will continue to cooperate with sister security agencies to protect and defend Ghana’s
interests while respecting the rights and dignity of all citizens. GAF operates an open-door policy and therefore
wishes to encourage the public to channel their concerns or grievances through the Department of Public
Relations of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Brigadier General
Director General Public Relations

Note to Editors

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Source: Elvisanokyenews.com