May 20, 2024

A recent post by Ghanaian television personality and broadcast journalist who works with GHOne TV, Serwaa Amihere has sparked social media reactions.

Media personality cum brand influencer on her X (formerly Twitter) post said Ghanaians who are in their 20s and 30s and earning at least Ghs5000 and above shouldn’t rush to leave the country.

“I think if you are in your 20s and 30s and earning, at least, Ghs5000 and above you shouldn’t rush to leave Ghana. It’s not all that rosy out there.” Serwaa Amihere wrote.

Her controversial post has attracted many people and they have reacted to the comment.

According to one man, the Broadcast Journalist should tell Ghanaians if she would marry someone who earns that money.

Others also have the view that they want to leave Ghana not because they don’t earn enough money but the system in Ghana makes life unbearable.

Some people also questioned the number of people who earn that amount of money at that age in Ghana and the specific job they are doing to get that money every month.




“I think your post is controversial. I have a question for u. Would you marry someone who earns 5000 cedis a month?”

“How many people earn that kind of money in Ghana ?”

“Serwaa it’s not always about the amount you earn but the systems and the type of Government. Have you ask yourself the number of days you’ll sleep in Dumsor, the number of unnecessary taxes you’ll pay. It’s been 5 years and Ghana is the only country that still collect Covid-19 tax from its citizens.”

“fact is, a lot of 20s & 30s don’t even have a job. the unemployment rate in Ghana is so high those earning 5K, the cost of living is making it difficult for them to save. you can be on 5,000 salary and you’ll save 300 years to afford the affordable housing project by govt”

“Don’t want to leave Ghana… I just need 100,000 cedis to start an irrigation farming of habanero pepper farming( Organic Pepper Farming )..  @Serwaa_Amihere, kindly help me financially……Thank you.”

“Ghs5000 is USD380. People aren’t leaving Ghana because of salary alone, they are because of a good system. Thus better health service, better education, better standards of living. GH hard, Abroad too hard but you for choose your “hard” wisely”

“U people are leaving good life style and u think 5000 and above when u are in your 20s or 30s is enough to make u leave freely here. 25-30 u have children like two and a wife. U rent. Pay utility bills and u think 5000 is enough. I don’t blame u. Men gives u money aside ur pay”

“Dish cleaneing in Germany can fetch you around 1,500 euros per month . Rent 400, food 300, transportation 49, telephone 20, other upkeep 100. Total 869. You can save 531. 530 to cedis is 7,546 . Your destiny is in your hands.”

“10k a month sef I go still leave. Cos it’s not about earning thst 10k but the system chaley. You wake up early morning no light,In the evening light comes but your internet cable go tear.The next morning Some trailer spoil for High street top causing massive traffic. Chaley Wei??”

“Can assure you very very few earn that. Just imagine o 5000. But if a guy like me earns 5000, I have to send money to mum and siblings, prepare to get married, rent, need to get a masters, life post marriage, kid’s education, pregnancy etc. It’s still very low sister”