June 13, 2024

Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Prof. Dr. Kobby Mensah has lamented over lack of trust in the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

According to him, the state should dissolve the Electoral Commision if the political parties and the citizens have lost trust in the institution.

Ahead of the 2024 general elections, various stakeholders icluding the two leading political parties in Ghana, the reling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have raised concerns over the conduct of the Electoral Commission.

Many people, especially the NDC have questioned the competency level of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Adukwei Mensa to conduct credible, free and fair elections.

As the political parties have declared the 2024 general elections as a crucial election, they believe that any little misconduct of the EC in this year’s elections can jeopardize the peace and stability in the country which can eventually undermine the long standing democracy among the citizens.

Political marketing strategist Prof. Kobby Mensah also questioned that if the parties do not have confidence in the electoral body, why should the voters/people have confidence in it and what is the importance of keeping the EC.?

“The Big political parties keep saying they won’t rely on the EC for the coming Dec 2024 elections. If the parties do not have confidence in the electoral body, why should the voters/people have confidence in it? And if the EC has proven to the parties that they can’t be relied upon, why are we still keeping the EC? If the body has become irrelevant in the political life of the parties, let’s do away with it?” Prof. Kobby Mensah wrote.


Read some of reactions on social media below:


“The whole thing is funny. With this EC, you can clearly see some NPP activists and former communicators on the team”

“You’re the reason why people chose Dutch passports over phd no o, you were here crying lol”

“What will be the alternative prof ? Very low confidence level at all times though”

“We all know the EC has been compromised. It is ready to do everything for the incumbent. The @officialABAT tactics is what the @nppghanahq want to apply on 7th December. That is what they have started. One thing is for sure, Ghanaians are not ready for Npp rule again.”

“if parties traditionally ONLY find fault with EC when in opposition raises a disturbing narrative,especially if u can easily be manipulated & whipped in line to accept the same based on allegations; No party with discerning minds depend on EC: relegate EC & introduce which!?!”

“Elections is a process. So which aspects do they have concerns? The EC must assuage legitimate concerns and build confidence. We need credible elections.”

“A body must oversee elections unless we do away with elections as we have now. Maybe it’s a question of how to get a strong leader as well as strengthen the insulation of the EC from the government in power.”

“The tragedy is their firm belief that their tenure is tied to the NPPs govt in power”

“Is that the right inference from political parties investing in IT to be able to monitor and follow the results accurately? Wow…”

“A professor paaa speaks like a foot soldier wow, not relying on EC means, they are going to collate their own results until the EC brings out the official result ofuiii you see how people are choosing passports over PHD? You are the problem not the degree….”

“As for you de3 kai. You always have a diabolic & puerile interpretation to pronouncements made by some people. Wei  Can’t you be a bit sophisticated as a PhD holder oh”

“Jollof prof dierrrr. What kind of a professor are you? Opposition parties always think the EC is going to steal for the ruling party and vice versa. NPP is just telling the NDC that, they are campaigning and elections are won at the polling stations and not EC office”

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com