May 30, 2024

The feud between Ghanaian Reggae Dancehall artiste Samini and his colleague Shatta Wale, which has existed for over a decade, seems not to be ending anytime soon after it has once again sparked fire on social media.

Many Ghanaian creatives, led by Samini, are appealing to the public to play 100% Ghanaian songs this festive season.

Samini was backed by veteran hiplife artiste Reggie Rockstone, Black Sherif, and others.

Many Ghanaians have joined the campaign, while others, such as Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale, think otherwise.

According to the ‘On God’ hitmaker, Ghana as a country is filled with so much jealousy, especially when its citizens are not the ones winning.

He added that it’s impossible to ban foreign music in Ghana, and even the 10% foreign music played here will overshadow the whole of Ghana.

He added that poverty is making some artists think they can ban foreign music and play 100% Ghanaian songs.

He wrote on Twitter:

“I just woke up to tell you, you can’t fight foreign music 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Their 10% music will overshadow the whole of Ghana.

A country with so much jealousy when it’s not them on the frontline 🤣😂

You see how poverty dey worry your artiste with no****** suggestions.

It’s poverty, my guy 😂🤣😜😜”

Samini, upon seeing Shatta’s tweet, didn’t take it lightly and also replied to him.

Samini asserted that Ghana has been in the spotlight for some time and is not ending anytime soon.

He questioned, what’s wrong with Ghanaian creatives appealing for more local content on their airwaves and not foreign music.

Samini wrote:

“Bro Lol. Ghana has become a spotlight over the last few years and this is not ending anytime soon. What’s wrong with creatives appealing for more local content on our airwaves? Who does this hurt? So if it’s not your suggestion, then it’s no*****, eeh lol. Shut up,