May 30, 2024

The Municipal Chief Executive of Efia Kwesimintim, Hon. Kojo Acquah, has disclosed that the Assembly is putting measures in place to prevent flooding in the municipality.

In an interview with Appiah Danquah of Rox FM, the MCE, said they have opened a tender through the secondary city project to buy machines to solve sanitation issues which will in turn prevent any future flooding in the locality.

” We don’t want our people to be at the mercy of floods again, I know with this information going out, residents of other areas will call on the assembly to come to their aid but what we are concentrating on now, is to distill the bigger drainage systems “. Hon. Kojo Acquah revealed.

The Efia Kwesimintim Deputy Municipal Road Director, Wilson Amagashie, who spoke with Appiah Danquah said the Assembly has embarked on a massive operation in identifying flood prone areas and has begun distilling of major gutters and storm drains to prevent flooding.

The Municipal NADMO coordinator, Henry Kwofie, stressed that flooding has become rampant in the country due to some bad behaviors of the citizenry and inadequate logistics to dispose of wastes.

He said “in other jurisdiction, they have a way of segregation of wastes like grasses, papers, glass and so on but here we don’t do that ”

On the behavior of the citizenry that amounts to flooding, he said, “there are times you see people in the action, that is dumping refuse in the gutter and when you confront them to correct them, they will tell you, is that your bedroom, is that where you sleep?”.

This poor attitude among others, he believes serves as catalyst in the annual flooding Ghana experiences across the various cities.

Source: Blankson