May 30, 2024

It seems all didn’t go well for some ethnic groups in Ghana after the recent culture and tradition post by Renowned travel vlogger and content creator Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon popularly known as Wode Maya.

Wode Maya in his twitter post, astounded his followers by recounting his first encounter with the taste of fresh cow blood.

Clad in authentic Kenyan attire, he held a conical calabash brimming with blood, traces of which lingered on his lips.

During his travels, he crossed paths with the Maasai, a proud and dynamic community renowned for their distinctive way of life.

Wode Maya, in his own words, described the experience succinctly: “Tasted fresh cow blood for the first time.”

“Tribal bigot???” he added.

But some believe the same practice is being done by some tribes in Ghana.

Someone replied Wode Maya saying “We even cook cow blood and eat it and it’s called Gbodzomi in the Eve dialect”

Another one also tweeted ” I just confirm from my mum and am screaming ……… We Anlos cook goat’s blood to make a delicious stew. #agbodzomle.

But another person who seems to be not happy with Wode Maya’ s “Tribal bigot” comment tweeted “Stop spitting nonsense you tribal bigot. Ewes do no such horrible things like you sucking animal blood….”

Renowned travel vlogger and content creator Wode Maya has mesmerized audiences with his captivating adventures throughout Africa and his unyielding dedication to exploring diverse cultures and traditions.