May 22, 2024


Stealing melodies or other musical elements is a severe problem in the music industry that can result in legal issues and harm the reputations of the concerned musicians.

Recently, a Ghanaian veteran rapper filed a ten-million-dollar lawsuit against popular Canadian rapper Drake for song sampling.

Many artists have accused have faced issues of song sampling in the music industry.

Popular Ghanaian artist Wendy Shay recently used social media to vent her annoyance and disgust with some of her fellow musicians’ actions.

The artist, who is signed to Rufftown Records, referred to some of her fellow musicians as thieves in a message on her numerous social media channels.

According to Wendy Shay, these people had been taking the melodies from the songs she supplied them in order to collaborate.

She apparently had gone through a similar scenario twice, which prompted her to speak out against this unethical behavior.

Song theft in the Ghanaian music business was a topic Wendy Shay, best known for her popular song “Survivor,” addressed on social media.

She expressed her worry that her coworkers may use the tunes she had shared with them for collaborative projects.

She claimed that this was not the first time she had encountered a similar circumstance and that it was overdue to draw attention to it.

“Send a song to a GH artiste for a feature,” Wendy Shay wrote in a post. “You’ll soon hear your melodies in their brand-new tune! This is the second time thieves have done this to me. Ghanaian artists, wake up!”