May 30, 2024

Spanish professional tennis player, Rafael Nadal Parera has said he has a lot of projects that can make him active.

According to him, tennis is not the only thing that can sustain him to achieve a better life and explore different things.

“I am not the guy that my life was only tennis,” Nadal said.

“I think that helps a lot. I have a lot of things outside of tennis that make me happy. I have a lot of projects that are going to make me feel active, and are going to motivate me to explore different things.” He told BBC Sport before the Brisbane International.

The Spanish believe starting a new life is not easy but with determination and hard work everything is possible.

“But, of course, when you change something in your life – anything – it’s a process that you need to adapt to. Things are not easy when you stop doing a thing that you have been doing for almost all your life. But I’m not scared about that.” The 22-time Grand Slam champion added.

He added that his topmost priority in life is not about winning or losing a game (tennis).

Nadal indicated that he has released a lot of problems which will help him to practise and enjoy every practise.

“But, if I have to be honest, today I am good. I don’t have a lot of problems. I am able to practise and enjoy every practice, and that’s the main thing for me more than winning or losing – I just feel that it’s not a drama to play tennis in terms of pain.” He said.

“What makes me feel scared, and thinking about retirement, is all the problems that I had on a daily basis.”

Unfortunately, the tennis professional did not begin his comeback well as he faced doubles loss at the Brisbane International but he has not closed the door on playing singles beyond this season.

Many sports fans enjoy Rafael Nadal games due to his commitment.