July 24, 2024

The Techiman South Education Directorate, has organized a mental health and wellness seminar for its teaching staff.

The seminar aimed to educate teachers on the importance of their health and social life, with the goal of preventing them from experiencing mental health-related issues.

The Guidance and Counseling Unit of the Techiman South Education Directorate took the initiative to organize the seminar, which featured a series of presentations and workshops. These sessions covered topics such as stress management, self-care techniques, and recognizing the signs of mental health issues.

The Techiman South Municipal Education Guidance and Counselling Coordinator, Mad. Mabel Ama Gyamfuaa Kawodee in an interview with the media said “our aim for this session is that we hold a believe that if anyone is mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically sound, you will be able to deliver your mandate as a teacher in a classroom, it will help you to teach well and by so doing, we will get good students who will come out as good leaders in the future.

“That is why we have dedicated this day to organize a mental health workshop for our teachers, we are currently at the Ahenbronoso circuit, none of the teachers went to school and we will do it on circuit bases so any teacher who couldn’t make it to today’s workshop has the opportunity to meet us at another circuit.” She said

Dr. Mary Nabare, who was one of the facilitators at the workshop, said it is important for teachers and for that matter individuals to know their stress level and how best to deal with it because stress, if not checked, can lead to a lot of diseases.

“Stress is one of the most harmful conditions, it can lead to a lot of negative impacts in the body such as diseases and common among it is the cardiovascular disease, so we are here to teach them on how best to deal with  stress.” She said

Another facilitator, Pastor Moses Osei Snr, has this to say, “I think for my five years for coming to Techiman, this is the first time I have seen the Techiman Municipal Education Directorate doing something like this and it is very very helpful.

“Our social aspect of health is very important and most of the diseases coming to our hospitals will be minimized if we are able to tackle our social health, So I was very touched when the Educational Directorate that we should meet the teachers and talk about these issues, the attendance was very great and it has been very impactful.”

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com