June 13, 2024

The Techiman North Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Atta Ackah Senior, has urged all political parties to strictly adhere to the existing rules and regulations governing the ongoing voter transfer exercise being conducted by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Atta Achah, is of the view that, should leaders of the various political parties respect the laws governing the voters transfer process, it will prompt their followers to do the same.

The Techiman North NPP Organizer emphasized the importance of political parties respecting the electoral process and the rules set forth by the EC. By doing so, political parties can contribute to maintaining peace and preventing any potential conflicts that may arise during and after the exercise.

“I will plead with our political parties to abide by the laws governing the exercise, there is no need for violence if you sense that something is wrong, all you have to do is to fill a challenge from and the EC will do the rest, we must always put the interest of the country first when we are talking any decision as a political party.” He said.

In an interview with Nana Amakye Sieh of Classic FM, Atta Ackah applauds the Electoral Commission for rescinding its decision of not allowing political parties to represent agents at the various centers where the exercise is taking place.

According to him, the decision allow agents of the various political parties to be present at the centers is a democratic move, when he believes will go a long way in improving the democracy of the country

“As I said earlier any party in government supports whatever decision of the electoral commission but if the same party goes to opposition, they object to any decision from the electoral commission.
I don’t know the kind of trouble the agents were causing at the various centers.

“I got a report from one of the districts in the Bono East Region that some people have been bussed from the Ashanti Region but unfortunately, they came with a school car so the community they were coming from was boldly written on the bus, the NDC in Techiman North also bussed people from Techiman South but we the party agents don’t have any power to disrupt the process rather than filling a challenged form so I’m pleased that the EC has rescind their decision of not allowing party agents to be at the centers, I believe the EC has made the right choice which will help our democracy.” He told Nana Amakye

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com