May 30, 2024

The Techiman North District Chief Executive, Hon. Addo-Donkor Everson, has cautioned the people of Techiman especially the youth against engaging in unprotected sex.

The D. C. E while addressing the gathering at Buoyem during the 67th Independence Day Celebration, revealed that, the number of positive cases of HIV/AIDS is on the rise and therefore the youth must desist from unprotected sex to prvent the risk of contracting and spreading of the deadly virus.

Hon. Everson emphasized the importance of practicing safe sex, promoting sexual health education, and raising awareness about the consequences of unprotected sexual activity.

Hon. Addo-Donkor Everson’s warning comes at a critical time when the prevalence of HIV/AIDS remains a significant public health concern, particularly among the youth population.

“By promoting a culture of sexual health awareness, prevention, and support, communities can work together to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS, support individuals living with the virus, and create a healthier and more informed society.”  He told the media

He said “as positive cases of HIV/AIDS continue to rise, it is crucial for leaders, parents, educators, and healthcare providers to collaborate in addressing the root causes of the epidemic, providing resources, support, and guidance to individuals at risk, and advocating for policies and programs that prioritize sexual health, prevention, and care.”

Hon. Addo-Donkor Everson urged the youth to if possible abstain from sex or use protection when they engage in the act.

“I want to draw your attention to the fact that HIV/AIDS is on the rise, I therefore advise that, the youth in particular should abstain from unprotected sex or abstain from sex in order not to attract disease.” He disclosed

Overall, Hon. Addo-Donkor Everson’s caution against unprotected sex, serves as a reminder of the importance of sexual health education, prevention, and responsible behavior in safeguarding the well-being and future of the youth population.