May 30, 2024

Newly enstooled Queen for Techiman New Krobo , Nana Adwoa Akwabea Sika, known in private life as Miss Eunice Owusuaa has announced her plans to implement measures aimed at creating a market at New Krobo in the Techiman South Municipality of the Bono East region.

The Queen’s initiative to create a market facilities and operations is intended to stimulate economic activities, support local businesses, and promote trade and commerce in the town.

Nana Adwoa Akwabea Sika’s commitment to create the New Krobo Market underscores her vision for economic growth, community development, and empowerment of market vendors and entrepreneurs as she aims to create a conducive environment that attracts customers, enhances the shopping experience, and fosters sustainable business growth and prosperity.

“When I was swearing my oaths at the Krobo palace, Nana Oyeadeye Asah Akompanin, urged me create a market at New Krobo, I was very happy when he said this because passionate about trading, my mates at the University can even attest to that, so I was very happy when Nana said that.”

“I will revamp market activities at New Krobo but I will need the support from Nana Kofi Munifie, the New Krobohene and his council in achieving this goal as the market will help to boost economic activities here.” He said.

The Queen’s focus on boosting economic activities in the town through the creation of the New Krobo Market reflects her dedication to empowering women, youth, and marginalized groups who rely on the market for their livelihoods, income generation, and social interaction.

Nana Adwoa Akwabea Sika, said this during her outdooring ceremony to the people of New Krobo.

He promised to be loyal and truthful to the newkrobo chief Nana Kofi Munufie, Krobohene, Krobohenemaa and Techiman Traditional Council as a whole.

Nana Amoeba Dufie,  Krobohemaa and Kyidomhemaa of the Techiman Traditional Council who represented Krobohene, Nana Oyeadeye Asah Akompanin at the ceremony, charged Nana Akwabea to be God fearing and and discharge her duties as the New Krobohemaa without any fear or favors.