May 22, 2024

The Tanoso Traditional Council in the Techiman South Municipality of the Bono East region has organized a purification rite to cleanse the town from potential calamities.

The purification exercise was led by the Chief of Tanoso, Nana Kwaku Kwarteng IV with support from the traditional priests of Tanoso.

The exercise saw members of the Tanoso Traditional Council, community leaders, and the inhabitants of the town clad in black to signify the seriousness of the event.

The purification rite, conducted annually by the traditional customs and beliefs, involved a ceremonial procession that moved across the length and breadth of Tanoso while the Chief Priest of Propro, Kwadjo Kusi, offered prayers and supplications to the gods, seeking their protection and blessings for the community.

In an interview with the media, the commander of the Techiman Royal Guards  Prince Yaw Duah, popularly known as Ogoro, and some of the Tanoso Royal Guards spoke with Classic News concerning their expectations after the purification rite and how best they can contribute to the peace and development of Tanoso.

“We are here because Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw IV, the Paramount Chief of Techiman has asked us to come to ensure that the purification rite goes on successfully and thanks to God, everything went on very smooth,” Prince said

He continued, ‘the people of Tanoso must not be perturbed about the recent development concerning their chieftaincy, Tanoso belongs to Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw IV and nobody can take it away from him, therefore, Nana Kwaku Kwarteng is the rightful chief of Tanoso so nobody should take Agya Sarfo serious”

The decision to organize this purification rite stemmed from a collective concern within the Tanoso community about recent challenging circumstances and the need to restore balance and harmony. The Traditional Council, revered as the custodian of tradition and spirituality, took the initiative to address these concerns through this sacred ceremony.

The Propro Chief Priest,  Nana Kwadjo Kusi, revealed that the purification rite has been successful and assured the people of Tanoso that Nananom will not sit aloof and watch any calamity to befall the community.

“We perform this rite every year, and today is the day that Nananom has decided to allow us to perform this year’s purification rite, we started very early in the morning, Nananom led a possession across the length and breadth of the town while offering prayers to the gods.” He said.

“We have realized that a lot of things are currently going on in this town that we don’t like and that is mainly due to what one Agya Sarfo and his supporters are doing. Currently, investors don’t want to come and invest in Tanoso because of the calamity Agya Sarfo wants to bring into the town, so today we performed the purification rite to cleanse the town of all the bad lucks that Agya Sarfo has brought to the town and appeased our gods.” Nana Kwadjo Kusi added.

He stressed that, Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V, is the recognized chief of Tanoso and emphatically disclosed that, Techiman Tanoso is a stool land of the Paramount Chief of Techiman, Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw IV and therefore the claim by Agya Sarfo that he is the paramount of Tanaso and Tanoso is under the jurisdiction of Otumfour Osei tutu II, is false and must be treated with the contempt it deserves.

“The only recognized chief in Tanoso is Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V, who doubles as the Chief Advisor to the Paramount of Techiman, so we know that the recent misfortunes in the town is due to what Agya Sarfo and his supporters are doing so we have performed this purification rite and we know that things will soon change for the better” Nana Kwadjo Kusi said.

The Tanoso Traditional Council emphasized the significance of such rituals in maintaining the town’s cultural heritage and preserving its spiritual connection with the gods. They highlighted the importance of collective participation and the role of traditional practices in promoting peace, prosperity, and protection against calamities.

On behalf of the Tanoso Traditional Council,  Nana Mensah, who is a brother to the Tanoso Chief explained the concept behind the  purification rite to our reporter.