June 13, 2024

The suffering of Ghanaian students in Morocco have been intensified as some students have allegedly developed mental issues.

According to the President of Association of Ghanaian Students in Morocco Dr. Emmanuel John Ayittey, the students are going through a lot of pain and others need serious health care and therapy.

“We thank the president and the authorities for giving us this opportunity, and we know that is because of the opportunity that we are here. However, we are going through a lot as students here in Morocco. We are suffering, the students are going through a lot of pain, we have students that have developed some mental issues, students that need therapy as I am talking to you now, seriously that need serious health care now, students that need money to settle their apartment issues.” He said this in an interview withTV3 monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com.

He said the situation there is very pathetic as some have been thrown out of their apartments.

He appealed to the authorities for their money as soon as possible. Adding that the delay in the disbursement of their stipends, spanning 10 months has negatively affected them.

“Some have been thrown out of their apartments so day in and day out we have different news. And so we beg you, all authorities involved in releasing our money, we are pleading with you to come to our aid if not we will have bad news. Someone can lose his or her life I keep saying, or we will have people going through depression, some kind of mental illness that is irreversible,.”

“So we are pleading with the authorities who are involved to release our money as soon as possible so that we, the students can live at peace here because we are not at peace, we are not happy, we are not ourselves here. We are pleading with you to come to our aid so that everything will go well.

His appeal follows the recent protest by Ghanaian students currently studying abroad on government scholarships over the delay of their stipends.

The scholarship recipients in Morocco have complained bitterly and called on the government to come to their aid as soon as possible to avert any disaster in the future.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com