May 30, 2024

We were right here in Ghana when Shatta Wale leaked video came out together with Pop Skinny and some of his comrades doing four some or five some. Receiving BJ from a certain lady who was rumoured to be Michy’s friend or so.

We all loved and supported Shatta because life itself is a mess and we don’t know when each one of us will be trapped irrespective of our ethics and beliefs. We supported Shatta and none requested for him to be stripped of his source of meal and awards.

He is a hardworking guy and we can all testify to that fact. Yet, when it reaches a woman, society be like… she doesn’t deserve support because you’re the same that’s why you’re helping her to revive her image.

I remember David had everything yet slept with someone’s only wife. Did God take his kingship from him? God punished him but didn’t take his source of meal and honour. Why are you then teaming against a young lady whose passed deeds are catching up with her. You don’t want her to bounce back why? Her presence in the media intimidates you or what?

If the preacher and your parents advice can’t make you better why will Serwaa become a threat to the youth who have failed to listen to advice?

Archbishop Duncan Williams claimed he has killed before and now he is a pastor why do you think Serwaa doesn’t deserve a chance? The funny aspect is calling her unethical and unprofessional as if she was taped at GHONE TV office?

Allow people to learn from their mess and mistakes to become a better version of themselves.

News Reporter at Information Services Department (Ministry of Information), Maame Akosua Hayford writes.