July 24, 2024

A renowned columnist, Prof. Dinkum has described the Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Private Legal Practitioner , Lawyer Martin Kpebu, the Chairman of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia and the Special Aid to former John Dramani Mahama, Joyce Bawa Mogtari as ignorant leaders within the NDC fronts.

He said this in his latest edition of his write up titled ” The anatomy of ignorant leaders within the NDC fronts, the dialectric for their decrement”.

Below is the article:


Of course, there is/are systolic and diastolic moment (s) once we get along. It is virtually inconspicuous mishap. But in all, it is expedient to subsist with it, for we can’t circumvent it religiously. Dereliction of duty isn’t always about remaining aloof to the happenings and showing no urgency, but it is sometimes the act of embarking on otiose and fruitlessly self – aggrandizing steps. So, i do edify myself with this apothegm, ‘ when there’s profuse contumacy, piety becomes proscription ‘.

However, in a circle where you have designated a visionary – impaired man in the shape of John Mahama, who for an apparent motive is euphemistically christened with revolting cognomen like, ” Alhaji 800, Papa no, the Specialist in incompetence, Goat Carcass etc’ , what else do you envisage as a partisan ? It is a matter – of – fact that, Mahama has always been gaslighted by the virulence of naivete as a result of his palaverous promises. A leader, whose assertions are unprepossessing and in fact, quixotic!

A dinkum leader is endowed with imperatively thematic slants, of which *idealism* culminates all of them. But it seems once upon a time, a vintage Party has nosedived maniacally and which is insuperably jittering and navigating in a web of bedlam and anarchy.

Scrupulously, the flying start of every organization, institution etc is bandaged with prolific, proficient and promising decisions. This becomes boon to exponentially bloom the efficacy of your efforts, thereby ushering on you the whip hand also. In this case, it mars and eludes the NDC due to their inveterate ignorance, incompetence and incorrigible miens.

Now, in an event where the doyen fiddle – faddles, there is/are adjuvant (s), who will mutate the defect back pristinely. But, duly peruse through Mahama’s subalterns ;

1) Sammy Gyamfi : He is literally a comic Communicator. What he is best known of, is he being cantankerous and being in a right old stew. His Communications proficiency is devastatingly exiguous. He is dearth of the alluring prowess, which is predominantly dominance in the modern Communications. Sammy normally feeds on concoctions in adducing valueless opus.

It isn’t startling at all that, he has been labelled as a pseudo – legal practitioner by many. I quite remember that, his own politically coterminous man, Bernard Avle quizzed him of his legal integrity on his prominent TV show dubbed, ‘ the point of view ‘ some time ago. He merely has the penchant to babble on issues _ just like that ! What exacerbates his personality is his sanctimonious talks. The way he conjectures to be rightfully right in what ever he voices out is deeply infuriating. He isn’t a reliable person to call upon in terms of structural decisions set – up. He is realistically a gasconade.

2) Asiedu Nketiah : He is the oldest in their hierarchical sector, so you had anticipate him to be the gateway for their source of wisdom extractions. But quite mind bogglingly, he has the most frangible wisdom capacity amongst others. This man is the orthodox exegesis of loquacity. He shares the same boundary as Sammy Gyamfi. ‘ General Mosquito ‘ which he is colloquially called, masquerades to be the most spartan man within the NDC Party : it is factually erring. What he knows is usurping the mandates of others with the sole intention to be in the limelight always. Wasn’t General Mosquito who teamed up the NDC to beard the 2016 Presidential verdict in the Supreme Court ?
It turned out to be excessively farcical and hare – brained scheme. In responding to that unfledged protest, he incriminated his leaders of their negligence in computing for accurate results after that elections. Can we say with all buoyancy that, he puts the NDC on his upper pedestal ?

Albeit, he is loved by the partisans of the NDC, but he continue to scathe the Party insidiously.

3) Joyce Bawa Mogtari : She is such aesthetically endearing woman, but she is not up to the required standard. Her ignorance became perceptively glaring when the deluding and finagling 24 _ hour economy policy emerged. You could be in epiphany that, she is under a duress and menace anytime to validate any tidings of her Party even when it is fictitious. The way she unravelled the 24 _ hour economy policy, conveyed to me that, she has traded her legal exploits for the shallow – mindedness of her Boss, John Mahama ( Papa no ). She was stuttering convulsively to even elaborate on their own policy _ that was why, in return, she alluded the blame to the NPP for obscuring their own policy, in any endeavor to delineate it to the masses, you see such balderdash ?
She struggles vehemently to shield her Boss in any quest, in effect, she doesn’t have the charisma to effect changes for the amelioration of her Party.

4) Martin Kpebu : Uprightly, I don’t want to profligate my time on this gentleman. This man indulges himself into legal issues in stalwart manner to support the NDC in that regards. Meanwhile, he immortalizes himself as an astute legal practitioner, but more importantly, he isn’t. He is a charlatan legal practitioner instead. He is arrant sycophant and clout chaser. Even his bids to anytime uncloak issues pertaining to legalities are ludicrously humbling and thereby put people into a stricter obfuscation. He is comparatively the dud character to parachute the NDC for that utopian triumph.

5) Okudzeto Ablakwa : I wouldn’t place significance and relevance on this man, for it has been generally and medically asserted that, he is a somnambulist and cerebrally anemic. It is for this exact rationale of why he was prescinded from his Party National Campaign Team instituted.

To encapsulate my write – up, it wouldn’t presage well for Ghanaians, chiefly the youths in any presumptive way, where the NDC are elected into power. All their top – notch members hold antediluvian objectives. In view of it, we must demur their attempts to swindle us with their irresistibly impractical pledges and unanimously vote for the radical and neoteric, Alhaji Dr. Bawumia in order to protract the stupendous works initiated by Nana Akufo Addo.

By : Prof. Dinkum.
( The Buzzing Rapine of Erudition )
E – mail : dinkumchoice@gmail.com.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com