May 30, 2024

The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has allegedly arrested the Member of Parliament for Kwadaso constituency in the Ashanti Region, Professor Kingsley Nyarko for allegedly bribing some temporary Election Commission (EC) staff during the Ejisu by-election.

According to a report, the Special Prosecutor (SP) arrested the MP to question his conduct in the alleged corruption related to a public election.

Kingsley Nyarko was seen in a video approaching the table and dropping an envelope on the table infront of the presiding Officer and the Ballot Issuer.

But social media users believe the arrest will not yield any results.

According to them, the OSP will exonerate the MP like they did to Cecilia Dapaa.

Below are some of their reactions

“Where is the corruption in this? Empty heads. Why should the OSP jumped into this?”

“Is this OSP serious at all? Can he prove that a gift given in broad daylight constitutes a bribe of a public officer? Does the value of the gift violate the law?”

“..this case will also amount to nothing like previous ones aka. Cecilia Dapaah.. the OSP will whitewash it like before..”

“OSP is in bed with the government, NPP man, arrested? We know these games,”

“A bigger hand will set him free… Nothing will come out of this. Aunty Sisi koraaa nam h).”

“Whenever we say “Eno be Ghana we dey?”, just know that something rotten is about to go on”

“I’m surprised that this man haven’t been arrested yet Is npp government really fighting against corruption? ”

“The final decision to prosecute him sits with the AG and we know the outcome! Yes..he can be arrested and investigated by the osp but the next step is uncertain;”

“Aww Dr. Kingsley, you are far better than this Sir. I don’t even wanna believe that was a “bribe” but well let’s wait for the investigations to be done. IT WAS BAD SIR”

“Waste of time…… they’ll use government resources to go to court and preside on this issue when we all know the final outcome…… nothing will happen to him….. that’s how bad our country is…….. nothing works against the men at the top…… UTV make we think”

Meanwhile, the MP has denied bribing or influencing the Ejisu by-election.

According to him, he has done nothing wrong and there is no evidence to prove that he bribed the EC anybody.

“I have done nothing wrong, those who are suggesting that for example there was something in the envelope they don’t have evidence to say that. I am saying that I have not done anything negative to undermine the process. Do you believe that in a public space, you have police, you have Polling Agents, you have voters who are queuing to vote and you think that I will influnce them in that public space, if I were to influence them do you think I will do it in that public space? What I have to put on record is that I have not bribed anybody, I have not influcenced anybody to vote or to do anything for my candidate” Prof. Kingsley Nyarko told journalists.