June 13, 2024
Sheikh Harun Appau, the President of the Islamic Mission Secretariat, has advised the youth in the various Zongo Communities, to prioritize their education and stop being stooges for politicians.
According to him, the youth in these communities have immense potential to make it big in the future but due to their poor education background, they end up being pawns in political games.
“The truth is, most of us from the Zongo communities didn’t further our education to get any gainful employment and as a result, we have become readily available for anything that will put food on our table.
” So if any party approaches them, they agree to do their bidding, these parties build some bases and buy them ataire so whatever the party asks of them, they do without hesitation.” He told our reporter.
Sheikh Appau criticized politicians who exploit the youth for their own gain, stating that these same politicians send their own children to prestigious schools in Europe while using the youth in the Zongo Communities for dirty political deeds.
He appealed to the youth to be aware of this manipulation and to focus on their education as the key to a brighter future.

“Also some don’t have good judgment, they follow these political parties blindly and commit all kinds of social vices meanwhile, the children of these politicians are having the best of education in Europe with the hope of leading the country one day.

“If you follow these people and you lose your life, who will take care of children and wife, so why don’t you concentrate on your education especially in this era of free education and stop all these social vices in the name of serving a political party.” He said.

A lot of Ghanaians have the perception that Zongo youth are being used by politicians during elections for violent and other related activities to win power.

Over the years, Zongo youth have been urged to change the perceptions and allegations against them.

Ghana is gearing up for general elections on December 7th 2024.

This year’s election has been declared as crucial by both the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The NPP said they want to break the 8 but the NDC on the other hand believes they have already won the elections due to complaints by the people of Ghana over economic hardship.

According to the NDC, the economy is in crisis so Ghanaians should vote the Nana Addo and Bawumia led NPP government out.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com