June 13, 2024

Renowned Ghanaian Gospel musician, Philipa Baafi has said people had different perceptions about politics some years ago.

She lamented that due to the diverse perception and understanding of politics at that time Christians and gospel musicians who were openly associated with a political party were tagged as evil or something else.

According to her, as long as you vote as a citizen to a particular political party you are not different from someone who is into active politics.

Speaking in an interview with TV3 monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com, Philipa Baafi stated that a lot of people associated her with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) because the party used her song.

Adding that even if she belongs to the NPP is her own choice.

“You know, even if I belong to the NPP, it is my own choice, know what? Because the choice that they used my song doesn’t mean I am NPP but if people think I am an NPP so be it. At that time, people didn’t know much about these things and they thought it was evil or something but once you vote it is like hypocrisy.” She said.

The Gospel Musician explained that if someone belongs to a different political party the public should not undermine the person because both NDC, NPP and other political parties are one people.

According to the ‘Go High’ hitmaker, she is happy that people have understood that being a politician is a choice not an evil practice.

She explained that the NPP used her song because she was very close to some of the Leaders of the party.

“You have a party you vote for. I also have a party so if I am an NPP so be it. I was saying this, NPP used my song because I was very closed, whenever our ex-President seens me it was something else. He really likes me, so that is it, we are one people. Somebody can be an NDC I can be an NPP we are one. But thank God these days the understanding has come, to me that is a good one.” Philipa Baafi stated.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com