June 13, 2024

German socialite Liha Miller has made some revelations about the marital affairs between her and Ghanaians hiplife musician and a songwriter, Justice Amoa, popularly known as Patapaa.

Liha said their marriage didn’t work out as they were expecting.

The German woman who couldn’t reveal the cause of their divorce stated that she asked for divorce long time ago but Patapaa didn’t take it seriously.

“I already asked for a divorce for a long time but he did not take it seriously. The marriage was not working out.”  She said in an interview monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com.

Patapaa and Liha Miller got married in a private wedding ceremony in January, 2021 at Agona Swedru, in the Central Region.

She said they are still in the process of annulling the marriage.

According to her, she has officialy informed the parrents of the “one corner” hitmaker. Adding that the two of them are not talking to each other for almost two years now.

“We are officially married because we did the court marriage and in Ghana it is a process so I have asked for a divorce so we are in the process of it. The thing is, I have not spoken to Patapaa directly. I have spoken to his parents. Patapaa and I have not talked for years, the last time I saw him was after our wedding, before I left in 2021. After that we haven’t met and I think like more than a year, getting to two years, we are not even talking at all.” Liha Miller indicated.

The woman however, lamented over the wrong perception people have about their marriage.

“See, the thing is normally I don’t want to talk about it but I think like many people are thinking wrongly or they don’t know anything about it so I have to clear it a little bit. I don’t have to put out my private life normally but I have to make some things clear. Yes, I got married to Patapaa in 2021 but the marriage didn’t work out.” She added.

Meanwhile, Patapaa is yet to respond to the claims of his wife.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com