May 30, 2024

The Paramount Chief of Goaso in Ahafo Region, Nana AKwasi Bosompra I, has bemoaned the high rate of forest depletion in the Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Nana Akwasi Bosompra I, made a passionate appeal to the Chiefs and people of the region to support the Forestry Commision and the Green Ghana Project since timber and the cocoa industry are suffering massively as a result of the depletion of the  forest reserves in Ahafo Region.

“We beg the Chiefs in Ahafo to fully participate in the Green Ghana Project, we must all vacate our palaces and come to the field to participate in the project, we should not always stay in our palace but we must help in the planting of these trees. The town is ours and if the tree suffers it will become our property. This is a concern of national interest so every Ghanaian must participate”

Nana is of the view that, should the Green Ghana Project turn out to be successful then it will greatly benefit the country.

Ahafo Region planted over 1 million trees on 2023 Green Ghana Day.

Speaking with Atiewin Mohammed of Success FM, the  Ahafo Regional Manager of Forestry Commission,  Mr. Opoku Bosompem said tree planting is a shared responsibility to all Ghanaians and must be devoid of politics.

The Ahafo Regional Minister Hon George Boakye called for the need to fight human activities that depletes the Forest.

“The planting of trees started long ago, in the 70s we got what we called the National Plantation development program then in the year 200, we launched the National Plantation Development Program, so we have been planting trees since 1970 and tree planting is devoid of politics and tribal sentiment it’s just the enhancing the ecology of our planet”. he revealed.

Source: Blankson