July 24, 2024

Paramount Chief of Basa Traditional Area and Vice President of the Bono East Regional of Chiefs, Nana Owusu Sakyi III, has urged the people of Bono East to tolerate the views and ideas of others before, during, and after the upcoming general elections.

Nana Owusu Sakyi III, said the Bono East region is blessed with all the natural resources that can help the region to develop at a rapid pace but was quick to add that, without peace, unity and stability in the region, it will be very difficult for the region to see the development it seeks and therefore called on the leadership of political parties in the region to be mindful of their utterances while urging the good of people of Bono East to be tolerance.

“If you don’t share the same ideology with someone or not in the same party with that person does not mean who should be fighting him or her, if you come to Bono East, we have all the natural resources that can help us to develop as a region and it includes crude oil and gold.

“I can say that Bono East is the food basket of Ghana, so how can we develop as a region should we result in fighting each other all in the name of politics, I will plead with politicians to be mindful of whatever they do and we all don’t want what happened in Techiman during the last elections to happen again.

.We must come together and respect each other’s opinions, regardless of our political affiliations, by doing so, we can ensure that our voices are heard and that our region continues to progress and develop for the benefit of all.” Nana Owusu Sakyi III said

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com