June 13, 2024

The Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives Trainees, has acknowledged the payment of 3 out of 27 months allowance owed to continuing students.

This comes at the back of news circulating on the various social media platforms, about the government’s efforts to clear the backlog of allowance payments for these trainees.

The Coalition, which represents the interests of nursing and midwifery students, has welcomed the partial payment as a step in the right direction.

However, they have emphasized that remaining 24 months and 14 months of allowances are still owed to trainees in their 3rd and 2nd year respectively and need to be addressed by the government.

A convener for the coalition, Mr. Joel Kpamsa, in an exclusive conversation with Clement Blankson, explained that, government on last Wednesday, paid GHc1,200.00 to clear 3 months arrears for continuing students.

According to him, students in their first year  are yet to receive their allowances and pray that the government, as a matter of urgency, will clear all their allowances.

“So that was yesterday, we also heard the news that they have paid the allowance, we asked some of our students to check if their E-zwich has been credited.

” As a matter of fact, they went and their accounts were credited with 3 months arrears which amounts to GHc1,200. 00.

“That is for current 300 and 200 students but level 100 students are yet to receive theirs.” He said.

Joel Kpamsa, further disclosed that, “they are still owing arrears, for the level 300s, they were owing them 27 months of arrears and now they have paid 3 months so they are still owing them 24 months arrears and the level 100s are yet to receive any.”

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com