June 13, 2024

Hopeson Adorye, a leading member of the Movement for Change, has spoken to the media following his arrest over comment on the use of dynamite to scare voters in the Volta Region during the 2016 general elections.

The former member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) said he received an invitation through a phone call that he was needed at the police headquarters.

According to him, the Police questioned him about the comment he made and he confirmed. Stating that they did it but nothing bad happened. Their aim was to prevent Togolese from voting.

“I am at the ministry police station right now. I received a call yesterday evening that they need me at the police headquarters. When I went there, they played my tape and asked me is this my comment on dynamite? And I said yes, and explained that we went there to prevent togolese and nothing bad happened so from there I wrote my statement.” He disclosed.

Speaking in an interview with Omanhene Kwabena Asante on Asempa FM and monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com, Hopeson Adorye noted that the police are preventing him bail because they want to proceed to court.

He revealed that the Police told him they were probing his comment based on instruction from the higher authorities.

“Later, they told me that they were probing a false publication based on orders from higher authorities so they can’t release me on bail until they get further instructions. The whole thing is that they want to detain me here for a day and expedite my court appearance the next day. I’m about to be placed in the police cell,” He said.

Meanwhile, supporters of Movement for Change on Wednesday, May 22 stormed the ministry police station to demand the release of Hopeson Adorye.

One supporter alleged that Hopeson Adorye was arrested and detained because he supports Alan Kyerematen.

“I am her because we realized Hopeson Adorye has been detained at this Ministry of Police Station but the question is why? Are we still in Military rule? What is democracy about? Today we are going to sleep with Hopeson Adorye here. If they are detaining Hopeson, then they have to detain every supporter of Kwadwo Kyerematen.” One woman said.

“Hopeson has been detained because he is supporting Alan Kyerematen, also, he is revealing the NPP dirty deal. The deal that they used him for to gain power. Who ordered this? Who is behind this? Instruction from above and we all know.” She added.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com