July 24, 2024

Social media users have reacted to flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s choice of running mate.

The vice president and the flagbearer of the NPP has submitted the name of Member of Parliament for Mahyia South, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh to president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as his running mate.

According to joynewsonline.com report, Nana Addo has accepted Napo to be a running mate to Dr. Bawumia waiting for the flagbearer to meet party councils for final approval.

Reacting to this, some social media users said the combination of Napo and Dr. Bawumia will make the NDC win the elections easily because Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh failed as a Minister of Energy.

“We all knew this from the onset Let’s see how it all pans out Dr Matthew’s recent public utterance on Dumsor will be an anchor  weighing him down Let’s see how he overcame the arrogance tag on his name” One X user wrote.


Read some of the reactions below


“We have the men, we have the men,ibe this useless man”

“NPP just lost their election”

“If one Doctor can collapse the economy, then imagine the combination of Doctor Doctor”

“And these are the men. Make dem forget they will lose this election.”

“He failed at the energy ministry ,hpw can you trust him with de whole nation”

“We all knew this from the onset Let’s see how it all pans out Dr Matthew’s recent public utterance on Dumsor will be an anchor  weighing him down Let’s see how he overcame the arrogance tag on his name”

“If they’re serious on a race to win ticket to the office. Then Am afraid this particular person can’t win them such reward prize, They rather choose the person who became second during their internal race for party leadership or they can choose female minister of communication.”

“The rude and arrogant leader who tells his people to go and create their own timetable. Look at them carefully before you hand power over to them.”

“Problematic. His Nosiness, already notorious for his perceived arrogance, has a terrible image as Energy Minister in an era of Stealth Dumsor. That is a disaster when it is combined with the blatant untruths and refusal to take responsibility of the Driver’s Mate!”

“So, is this the Npp that I knew? Where are the real Men of the party? Oooh, Npp is now left with kanzon Wakhe (the burnt part of a cooked beans), Npp is finished if these are the materials that will lead them into the next general election”

“Akufo-Addo the clearing agent Akufo-Addo the endorser If you’re considering the indecisive and failed economist Bawumia as your next president, he’ll need Akufo-Addo’s approval to construct your roads and knowing how wicked Akufo-Addo is…”

“I remember in a radio interview when he said teachers are teachers because they failed to make it into the university, so they went to training collages.”

“We don’t care!!! They should start preparing their handing over notes!!”

“Finished party like this. So Ghanaians will be proud showing Napo as their vice president, God forbid,should Bawumia wins. Even God won’t allow this mistake again,for the second time.”

“Because of this man er, people will angrily vote massively against Bawumia, seriously”

“Let’s say Bawumia becomes president for two terms and Opoku Prempeh wants to run for 2032 elections, he’ll come and tell us he’s just a mere driver’s mate”

“Dr. Adutwum, the education minister is miles ahead of this guy in everything. Bawumia has finally sunk himself.”

“Rev Onyina would have shaken the NDC. This one dierr, NDC win falaaaa. When we want to eat, we’ll remember 2 pieces of tomato is 5gh and lol at Bawuuuu. Then whenever there’s dumsor, we’ll remember Napo’s bring your own timetable and quickly look for our voter’s ID card.”

“If he need mandate from Nana to choose his running mate then I bet to say even if he wins the election Nana & is people will continue to rule us because it’s clearly shows that he have no power !”

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com