May 30, 2024

National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Salam Mustapha has called on Ghanians expecially the youth to support the NPP because they are the only party that prioritise job creation and youth empowerment.

He said the NPP has a track records of helping the youth in the country than the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Speaking to the media in Kumasi, the Ahsanti regional capital, Salam Mustapha indicated that the NPP government through the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has introduced among other things youth intenship and business support modules to create jobs for the youth but the NDC couldn’t do anything.

According to him, any country that fails to pay attention to the youth can not develop that is why the NPP is more concern about the welfare of the youth.

“The NPP government is very conscious about empowerment of the youth because I tell you, look, any country that does not pay attention to youth, you are sitting on a ticking time bomb. This we know we paid a critical effort, when I take you to YEA, you will see a lot that YEA has put into helping youth” He said.

” Today we have youth intenship, business support modules, they are doing so much in terms of youth employment so really this government is doing so well as far as youth employment is concerned in this country and our record is far better than that of the NDC. I will encourage the youth in Ghana that as it is said in akan proverbs that ‘the one who climbs a good tree is the one who gets a push’.” Mustapha indicated.

He encouraged the youth to vote massively for the NPP in the December polls for them to continue their good works.

“The NPP has shown that they are capable of job creation so the youth should support the NPP because we have the credibility when we say that we can create more jobs, we have the credibility to show. The NDC could not and they don’t have the ability, they don’t have credibility as far as job creation is concerned” He stressed.