May 30, 2024

The newly enstooled Nifahene of Techiman Tanoso, Nana Effah Anti II,  has urged the youth to be cautious in their use of social media.

Nana emphasis that anything they post on social media can never be completely deleted and therefore they must be very cautious on whatever they post, he also encouraged both boys and girls in Tanoso to prioritize education, recognizing it as a valuable asset for their future.

“Once something is posted on social media, it can be difficult to completely remove or erase, so I will advised the youth in Tanoso and the country at large to be selective, thoughtful and responsible in what they post because their post will be used as a reference in the future.”

He made this appeal after being enstooled as the Nifahene of Techiman Tanoso community and the event was very colorful with the beauty of cultural display.

Nana Effah Anti II, disclosed that his caution about the permanence of social media posts reflects the lasting consequences for what is shared online. “It is important for the youth to consider the potential repercussions of their online actions and to exercise caution in their online behavior.” He said

“I am not happy about how the youth in this town uses social media, at the right time time, I will meet them and talk to them because nothing on social media can be deleted, so I have to get time and educate them on how best they can use social media for their own betterment.” He said