May 30, 2024

Chairman Ibrahim Baba Bukari (Chairman IB) the Bono East Regional New, Patriotic Party Chairperson, has called for all members of the party within the Bono East Region to join in campaigning for the party as the country gears towards the December 7th 2024, general elections.

Chairman IB, aims to harness the collective strength, energy, and commitment of the party’s supporters, volunteers, and activists to amplify the party’s message, reach, and impact across the Bono East Region as he seeks to win majority of the Parliamentary seats in the region.

The New Patriotic Party, currently has three out of the eleven Parliamentary seats in the Bono East Region, a fate the Game Changer seeks to change.

Chairman IB, during the inauguration of the Bono East’s NPP campaign team at the Yaw Kramo Community Center at Bamiri in the Techiman South Municipality, revealed that, his target is to win 7 out of the 11 Parliamentary seats in the Bono East region.

“I won’t talk much, my target is 7, I have targeted to win 7 seats out of the 11 and inshallah, I know that my worst will be seven. some people are saying 11 over 11 but I won’t say things that I know I can’t achieve. I know I can win seven seats for the party and that is my target.”

“So I will urge all members of the party to help me to achieve this target and I know that if we all come together as one party and approach the elections with a united front, we will win seven seats in the Bono East for the NPP.” He said

He continued, “our members who are complaining that the party has ignored them should all join our campaign, its because of those members that Dr. Alhaji Bawumia wants to become the next President, if he becomes the President, he will ensure that all members of the party will benefit from the goodies of the party.”