May 30, 2024

The Bono East regional New Patriotic Party Chairman, Ibrahim Baba Bukari, has announced that the party will base their campaign for this year’s elections on the track record of the Nana Addo led government.

The Game Changer, as he is popular called, is of the view that, should members of the party stick to propagating the good works done in the last seven years by emphasizing on the achievements, policies, and initiatives by the Nana Addo / Bawumia government, the party will achieve its dream of breaking the 8 as they garner support, trust, and confidence from the electorate.

By focusing on the track record of the NPP, Ibrahim Baba Bukari aims to showcase the party’s accomplishments, progress, and impact on national development, economic growth, and social welfare as a strategy to appeal to voters, articulate the party’s vision, and differentiate itself from political opponents.

“We will base our campaign on the track record of the NPP in the last seven years, the projects are there to talk for the party, so we will base our campaign on the good works of the ruling government and we are going propagate the achievements of the government so that the people will base on that to vote for us.”

“By highlighting key achievements in areas such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and job creation, the NPP seeks to reinforce its credibility, competence, and commitment to delivering on its promises and priorities for the country.”

By aligning campaign messaging with the party’s achievements and impact, the NPP seeks to inspire voter turnout, loyalty, and support, securing a mandate to continue its development agenda, reforms, and initiatives for the benefit of all citizens.

Chairman Ibrahim, explained that, the flagbearer of the NPP and Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has his own idea on how to run the affairs of the state and believes should members and communicators of the party sell the ideas of Dr. Bawumia to the populace, they will surely vote for him.

“The candidate that we have now, also has his own ideas and dreams that he wants to achieve, so if we put it before the electorates, I know that they will vote for us because he has good intentions about the party.” Chairman IB told our reporter.

The decision to base the campaign on the track record of the NPP reflects a strategic approach to engaging with voters, communicating the party’s achievements, and mobilizing support for its agenda and leadership in the upcoming elections. By leveraging past performance, results, and outcomes, the NPP aims to build a narrative of continuity, stability, and progress that resonates with the aspirations, values, and interests of the electorate, positioning itself as the preferred choice for governance and leadership.