May 30, 2024

Ghanaian actress cum brand influencer, Haniya Rosemond Alade Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo has revealed that she is ready to tie the knot with any man who can love and care for her son.

She said though she needs financial support in life, a man that can show her love and care for her son is her topmost priority.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix monitored by, the Award winning actress stated that she would have married a long time ago if she was only concerned about money.

“I have a sweetheart and we have been dating for so long. I want love, though I need someone to support me financially and emotionally, so why not? It is not about money, but if it is about money by now we have gotten married because people with money have come close but if you don’t see peace there you won’t go.” She indicated.

Akuapem Poloo revealed that currently she is dating a business man who has enough money but she is still watching her carefully if she can love her and her son to her expectation before they can get married.

“I am not into money, money, money, once you show me love we are good to go and if you love my son then you have killed me. My man is a businessman, since I met him, he loves to travel. Man man doesn’t stay in Ghana, he only comes here for business purposes.” She said.

Adding that her mother can only advise her on her relationship but can not determine a man she should marry.

“My mum can advice me on my relationship but she doesn’t say who I date, you will tell me what you see, so far as you are able to say this man you don’t like him, you will tell me what you have seen and I will put my eye down to check what you are saying is true.” The media personality added.