July 24, 2024

Ghanaian actress, model and social media influencer, Abena serwaa frimpong manso also known as shugatiti has revealed why she has stopped going to church.

Speaking in a yet-to-be aired interview on pulse Ghana, Shugatiti revealed that some pastors act differently in their private activities contrary to what they preach on the pulpits.

She revealed that some pastors and instrumentalists were chasing her at church which discouraged her from attending church.

According to the controversial actress, church is the headquarters of sin and favouritism. She said immoral and all other forms of sin can be found in church, the reason she stopped going to church more than seven years ago now.

“It has been a long time since I went to church, it’s been over seven years. These churches, if you want a place that they practice favouritism, if you want a place where the sin is plenty is church. If you go there, the instrumentalist wants to chase you. the pastor wants to chase you, everybody is chasing you.” Shugatiti revealed.

She added that one other factor that discouraged her is money some churches are demanding.

The entrepreneur stated that people who are able to contribute to the money the churches are raising are treated like a king and if you are unable to contribute nobody wants to talk to you.

“Aside from that if you don’t give money nobody wants to talk to you. If they say they are raising this money for this and that and you contribute you are the king.” She revealed.

Unlike how some people regard Shugatiti on social media, the actress emphasized that she dedicated herself to prayers and fasting to request her needs from God rather than attending church.

“Like those kinds of things put me off and that is why I don’t like to go to church. Right now if I need something, I just pray and I fast and I get it” She added.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com