May 22, 2024

Popular Ghanaian Actor Joseph Nana Osei Kofi commonly known as Wayoosi has said many people are suffering due to their unnecessary expenses.

According to him, economic hardship is everywhere but if you limit your expenses and live within your means life will be better.

He said it is imperative to live a normal life rather than competing with others.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix and monitored by, Wayoosi indicated that living beyond normal standards with the aim of competing with others will impose pressure on you and can eventually affect your health.

He explained that everybody has his or her own way of generating income and that comparing yourself to someone is unreasonable.

“I come from a less privileged family, so if I want to eat kenkey from the roadside and I can’t go there myself, I will send someone to buy it for me. Sometimes I feel shy when I go to high places because I am not in the same position with others. I am a celebrity but I do my things accordingly. It is not compulsory that I am an actor so I should go to a particular boutique and buy clothes, no.” Wayoosi said.

The Kumawood actor who said he doesn’t spend money everyday and even when the need comes he doesn’t exceed GHC 1500 revealed that money is like a woman, if you don’t take good care of it you will lose it.

“I will not allow you to put pressure on me, what I have is what belongs to me so that is what I have to protect, Money is like a woman, if you don’t take good care of it, it will run away and it will take time to get it back so I take good care of my expenses.” He indicated.

According to him, he is keeping on in life because he doesn’t envy people and avoids competition.

“How I leave my life is that I don’t allow someone to put pressure on me, if someone is driving Landcruiser than is not my concern but what I have to do is to take good care of the one I have to last for me or to pray and work hard for my business to grow to buy my own. If I allow you to put pressure on me, I am killing myself because I don’t know what you do in the night or you have a galamsey site somewhere which I don’t know so it will be foolish on my side to compare myself to you.” He added.

He urged the youth to concentrate on their job and live within their means and stop competing with others.

Wayoosi further advised parents to stop putting unnecessary pressure on their children because of what someone has achieved.