May 30, 2024

Heidi Korth Adeleke, the estranged wife of Nigerian singer, , Sina Rambo recently shared a sentimental statement about her diamond engagement ring.

Heidi revealed their legal divorce in an Instagram post and expressed her regret over the circumstance. She has, however, made the decision to donate her diamond wedding band to a worthy couple who are engaged but have not yet purchased a ring.

This kind act has drawn interest and prompted both support and suspicion among internet users.

In a recent social media post, Heidi Korth, who was formerly married to Sina Rambo, a distant relative of well-known Nigerian musician Davido, expressed her unhappiness with her followers.

She verified that their divorce had been finalized, which had surely been a difficult process for her. When Heidi talked about her divorce in December of last year, she cited violent incidents as the main cause of the dissolution.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Heidi has made the decision to convey hope for the future. She has made the unexpected decision to donate her diamond wedding ring to a deserving couple. Her goal is to help individuals who have not yet acquired a ring but intend to start their own marriages.

In order to confirm that a wedding is indeed going place, Heidi politely asked interested parties to submit her copies of their wedding invites.

The purpose of this condition is to guarantee that the ring is given to a worthy receiver who is actually getting married. By doing this, Heidi wants to contribute in some tiny way to someone’s special day and spread some joy.

Netizens used the comment section to share their ideas and reactions as word of Heidi’s offer spread. While many appreciated her kindness and applauded her for transforming a challenging circumstance into a chance for someone else, others voiced reservations about receiving the ring.

Some thought that anyone who claimed it may experience misfortune or bad luck.