July 24, 2024

The District Chief Executive of Nkoranza North and Dean of the MMDCEs in the Bono East region, Hon. Peter Osei Fosu, says the NPP led government will provide the needed support to the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) in developing a new Secondary Education Curriculum and ensuring its successful implementation.

He explained that the government is fully committed to provide quality education to the Ghanaian people hence their readiness to provide the necessary support to NaCCA and GES to implement the new Secondary Education Curriculum, which is currently under development.

Hon. Peter Fosu, said this at the AJ Plaza Hotel at the Techiman South Municipal in the Bono East region during a stakeholder’s engagement and town hall meeting organized by NaCCA.

The National Council for Curriculum Assessment, is currently on a regional tour to engage all stakeholders in the educational sector on the Secondary Education Curriculum development to seek their inputs while elaborating on what the NaCCA has done so far in developing the new curriculum.

Hon. Peter Osei Fosu, emphasized the importance of quality education in shaping the future of the nation’s youth and ensuring their success in an increasingly competitive global job market. He stated that the government recognizes the need for continuous improvement in the education system and is willing to invest the necessary resources to make it happen.

“Resources are very scarce for every developing country but we all agree that education is the bedrock, education is the fulcrum around which every other national development evolves, so we have to be very serious in that aspect.

“So you will all attest to the fact, this government always allocates huge budgets in our education and some people even ask questions as to why the government is spending so huge in the educational sector but the government spending huge on education shows that education is very important to this government.

“So government is ever ready to provide the money or resources that will be needed to ensure the successful development and implementation of this new curriculum, we will gladly do it and we are ensuring Ghanaians that, we will do whatever necessary to get money to ensure that the new curriculum will run effectively because it is very important and we will treat it as such.” He said

The development of a new Secondary Education Curriculum is seen as a crucial step in enhancing the quality of education in Ghana. NaCCA, an independent body responsible for curriculum development and assessment, will work closely with the government to design a curriculum that aligns with the country’s educational goals and addresses the evolving needs of students.

Agencies involved in the development of the new Secondary Education Curriculum are NaCCA, MOE, GES, NTC, WAEC, Reform Sec’t, NaSIA, GTEC, Christian Council / Catholic Bishop Conference, CENDLOS, TVET, AGI, VCG, Teacher Unions, PRINCOF, GEA, and CHASS.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com