May 30, 2024

The Republic of Ghana will hold district-level elections today Tuesday, 19th December 2023.

According to the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana measures have been put in place to ensure peaceful, free and fair elections.

Speaking in an interview monitored by, the Director of Electoral Services at the EC, Dr. Sereboe Quarcoo, said all is set for the polls.

The EC said, more than 66,000 aspirants are vying to be elected as Assembly and Unit Committee Members in 6,215 electoral areas across 216 Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies.

The over 66,000 aspirants consist of  18,755 assembly member candidates and 47,502 unit committees, equivalent to 66,257.

“With the exception of ballot papers, all the materials are there, and when we are going, we don’t go with partial delivery; we go with full delivery, so we are not expecting to have shortages. All things being equal, in case there are shortages, the district office will respond to such shortages.”  Dr. Sereboe Quarcoo stated.

In the governance of Ghana, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) play a major role in the development of the local areas.

The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana provides for “Decentralization and Local Government” that creates a framework for citizens’ participation in decision-making and local governance.

The Decentralization Policy of Ghana reduces the burden and responsibilities from the central government to the district level.

This allows the local areas to participate in the governance of the country to enhance development in the local levels.

All local government elections shall be held at least six months before or after parliamentary elections.

According to the Electoral system of Ghana, District Assembly elections are held every four years to elect electoral area representatives to the District Assemblies.