June 13, 2024

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central Constituency, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has said foreigners have taken over the country and run most businesses because of a high level of dishonesty on the part of some Ghanaians.

He said it is the hard time Ghanaians, especially the youth, incalcate honesty in dealing with people so that they can grow their businesses and succeed in life.

Speaking to Ghanaian YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, the former New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer hopeful stated that many Ghanaian businesses have collapsed due to dishonesty in dealing with people.

“But if you are honest in dealing with me I will recommend you and others too will recommend you, that is how you grow your business. That is why foreigners have taken over our country, the level of dishonesty is too much. And we have to incalcate honesty into ourselves, not only the youth but my target is the youth because we are weak and you have the energy to take over from us, so what we have done wrong, we have to let you know that this kind of lifestyle will not help you.” Ken Agyapong said.

He stressed that honesty is key to success so the youth who want to be successful in life should be honest to individuals they are dealing with.

“Honesty is key to success, if you want to succeed in life, in your dealings with every individual you have to be honest. If you are honest, let me tell you young man, I always joke and say even when you are sleeping with your wife, somebody will call to say that look your money is ready but if you are dishonest no call in the morning to tell you that your money is ready.” He stated.

“Because the economy or the size of this country is so small, when you are dealing with businessmen who has a stake in our economy to develop, they now each other so if you come and dupe me you can dupe two other people and these three of us will go spreading your name negatively and it will affect you. Eventually, you see that it is a small world and nobody will be willing to deal with you.” The outspoken politician added.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com